LocusUSA — Shifting the Paradigm in Radio Maintenance

How do you identify the particular radios most at risk before failure? Learn about the new technological advances that have changed the traditional approach to radio maintenance and land mobile radio (LMR) systems.

Radio Maintenance History

A brief history of radio maintenance. Learn about radio maintenance in the 1950s, FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Conformance,  deregulation, and more.

Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) – Why It’s Important and What You Should Know About It

Learn how AFC provides a temporary correction to the frequency error of land mobile radios (LMR). This video shows how the DiagnostX AFC Meter reports on the percentage of correction being applied to a subscriber radio, while deployed in the field, identifying candidates for maintenance.

DiagnostX Over-the-Air Radio Waveform Analyzer

Explains what DiagnostX Over-the-Air (OTA) radio waveform analyzer is, how it works and its features designed to ensure the optimal performance of land mobile radio (LMR) systems in public safety, utility and transportation organizations.

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