The DX-1000 DiagnostX™ Over-the-Air (OTA) Radio Analyzer has been replaced by the new DX-2002 series.  DiagnostX identifies, verifies, and analyzes the alignment and field performance of all portable and mobile radios in a network 24/7, without user interaction, while the radios are operational and deployed in the field.  Contact for a custom trade-in quote to refresh your technology and maximize your benefits!


DX-2002 Series


  • Monitors the Base Station Receive Control Channel (Inbound) frequency
  • Protocol Options: P25 Trunked, P25 Conventional, Motorola SmartNet/SmartZone, MOTOTRBO, EDACS, NXDN
  • P25 systems measurements: RF Frequency Error, Symbol Frequency Error 600, Symbol Frequency Error 1800, Modulation Fidelity, Max Frequency Deviation, Emission Mask Conformance, RSSI, SNR and BER
  • Legacy systems measurements: RF Frequency Error, Frequency Deviation, Frequency Error Variation, Modulation Fidelity, Emission Mask Conformance, RSSI and SNR
  • Available Frequency Bands: VHF, UHF 380-430; UHF 450-470; UHF 470-512; 700; 800; 900 MHz
  • Half the height (2U) of the DX-1000 series
  • The DX-2002 is also 40% lighter at 27 lbs
  • One DX unit can be networked with up to three NX-200 Remote Receivers to provide system wide coverage – all data is sent across the IP backhaul and stored in a unified database
  • Updated GUI has better graphical reporting and filtering.  Failed radios are color coded, a new “all radios” tab is available, and a specific Radio ID range may be selected
  • New DSP board offers 70x faster performance
  • New updated tuner
  • AES encryption


Dimensions 2U H 3.5”, W 17”, D 19”
Weight 27 lbs
Power AC Voltage 100-240VAC @ 50-60Hz
Network Connectivity RJ45 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps
Peripherals USB & PS2 mouse & keyboard

DiagnostX Viewer (DV) report sorted by Radio ID


The DX-2002 Series models are protocol and frequency band specific


Single Protocol

Single Frequency

Dual Protocol

Dual Frequency





All models include an antenna, a multi-coupler cable, and a one year manufacturer warranty.

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