Why Most Two-Way Radios Fail

Besides the obvious signs of a broken antenna or dead battery, most two-way radios fail because they are poorly maintained. These devices use an internal reference oscillator to maintain frequency, but these oscillators…

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Ready for Any Mission Critical Road Trip

When I told a neighbor about LocusUSA’s DiagnostX over-the-air radio analyzer, he immediately replied, “Oh kind of like my OnStar™ system in my truck?! It tells me when it needs maintenance. It’s all diagnostics!”…

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Utilities Exemplify Proactive Maintenance

Invasive vines and tree branches on power lines frequently cause unexpected electricity outages to residential and commercial communities. To prevent these power interruptions, many electric utility companies perform regular tree trimming to keep…

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DiagnostX DX-1000 Series Trade-In Offer

The DX-1000 DiagnostX Over-the-Air (OTA) Radio Analyzer has been replaced by the new DX-2002 series.  DiagnostX identifies, verifies, and analyzes the alignment and field performance of all portable and mobile radios in a…

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5 Interesting Facts About LocusUSA

Let’s begin with: LocusUSA is an engineering and software development company that was founded in 2001. Its focus has been research and development in the area of RF capture for analysis and location.…

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