A Hidden Feature of Your Land Mobile Radio

984 465 Judy Gasperini

Portable and mobile radios contain a crystal oscillator to keep them on frequency, but these reference oscillators tend to drift over time. These crystals are directly impacted by the voltages…

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You Could Be a Hero with DiagnostX Technology

960 545 Judy Gasperini

What if you could tell that a two-way radio is about to fail before it actually does? Imagine being able to evaluate the frequency alignment of a radio over the…

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Why Most Two-Way Radios Fail

710 475 Judy Gasperini

Besides the obvious signs of a broken antenna or dead battery, most two-way radios fail because they are poorly maintained. These devices use an internal reference oscillator to maintain frequency,…

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5 Tips to Keep Your Radios in Tip-Top Shape

1024 576 Judy Gasperini

Just as you would maintain your automobile with routine oil changes and tune-ups, you should do the same with your two-way radios. Some simple maintenance techniques will help keep your…

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Ready for Any Mission Critical Road Trip

959 503 Judy Gasperini

When I told a neighbor about LocusUSA’s DiagnostX over-the-air radio analyzer, he immediately replied, “Oh kind of like my OnStar™ system in my truck?! It tells me when it needs…

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6 Things to Look for When Buying an Automated Radio Service Monitor

620 413 Judy Gasperini

If you’re looking for ways to save time and money on your land mobile radio (LMR) maintenance program, a new automated radio test and alignment monitor is something to consider.…

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How Public Safety Agencies Can Buy Like Big Government

960 591 Judy Gasperini

Declining budgets and advancing technologies can make a city’s mission to serve and protect its citizens challenging. Newly mandated standards and regulations often necessitate purchasing modern information technology (IT), security…

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APCO 2016

The 5 Things We’re Excited About at APCO 2016

1024 775 Judy Gasperini

If you are attending APCO 2016 in Orlando, no doubt it is because this is the largest public safety communications conference in the United States. Obviously, you are looking forward…

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LocusUSA to Exhibit and Present at APCO 2016

597 398 Judy Gasperini

LocusUSA will be exhibiting at the APCO International Trade Show and Conference in Orlando, Aug. 14-17 in booth #1720. LocusUSA will demonstrate how DiagnostX verifies and analyzes the alignment and…

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Utilities Exemplify Proactive Maintenance

960 540 Judy Gasperini

Invasive vines and tree branches on power lines frequently cause unexpected electricity outages to residential and commercial communities. To prevent these power interruptions, many electric utility companies perform regular tree…

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