End-of-Life for Certain DiagnostX

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LocusUSA today announced the End-of-Life of certain DiagnostX DX-1000 Series models with the Last Order Date of March 1, 2015. The DX-1000 Series models included are the following: DX-1000c, DX-1020, DX-1070, DX-1100, and DX-1170.

LocusUSA will introduce the DX-1905 Series on March 1, 2015. The new series will have the same functionality as the current models being retired. Pricing will be ~5% higher for the DX-1905 series. Locus will continue to fulfill orders from existing inventory prior to the introduction of the DX-1905 models.

End of Support (EOS): LocusUSA understands that our customers continue to derive value from our products after they have been discontinued. Per our current End of Life policy, the retired DX-1000 Series models will be supported for 5 years following the Last Order Date, until February 28, 2020, provided the units are kept under a valid and uninterrupted support contract.
For more information, contact us at sales@locususa.com or call 321-727-3077.

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  • richard blackburn

    Hello, I am emailing You due to our purchased DX-1000C unit that was working when left at one of our 800MHZ sites and was dead upon return, we have chnaged teh power supply out yet still have nothing but a red power diode lighting up upon power plug in, hoping to find out the procedure to having it looked at and possibly repaired. Thanks for any help You can provide.

    Richard Blackburn
    Radio Tech II
    City of Cincinnati.
    (513) 352-2414

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