End-of-Life for Certain DiagnostX

1024 683 Jim Zaleta

LocusUSA today announced the End-of-Life of certain DiagnostX DX-1000 Series models with the Last Order Date of March 1, 2015. The DX-1000 Series models included are the following: DX-1000c, DX-1020, DX-1070, DX-1100, and DX-1170.

LocusUSA will introduce the DX-1905 Series on March 1, 2015. The new series will have the same functionality as the current models being retired. Pricing will be ~5% higher for the DX-1905 series. Locus will continue to fulfill orders from existing inventory prior to the introduction of the DX-1905 models.

End of Support (EOS): LocusUSA understands that our customers continue to derive value from our products after they have been discontinued. Per our current End of Life policy, the retired DX-1000 Series models will be supported for 5 years following the Last Order Date, until February 28, 2020, provided the units are kept under a valid and uninterrupted support contract.
For more information, contact us at sales@locususa.com or call 321-727-3077.

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