Locus Introduces the New DiagnostX NX-200 Series

1024 683 Judy Gasperini

LocusUSA, a world leader in the area of radio frequency capture for radio location and alignment analysis, is now shipping the new DiagnostX NX-200 Series of Remote Receiver. It has been designed to extend the DiagnostX coverage of radio systems at a reduced cost. In the past, many agencies have moved their DiagnostX unit periodically from site to site in order to cover their entire system. Others have licensed multiple DiagnostX units to set up a networked configuration to ensure continuous system-wide coverage. Now it is possible to use the smaller, more economical NX-200 to achieve the same result.

Up to three NX-200 Remote Receivers may be added to a single DX-2002 unit. All results are forwarded across the Ethernet LAN back to the DX-2002 unit and presented in a single consolidated view.

“We are pleased to offer our customers a smaller, more economical DiagnostX unit in order to analyze radio performance of multiple agency systems and larger geographical coverage areas,” said Jim Zaleta, sales and marketing manager for LocusUSA. “We have also set up a trade-in program for current customers to take advantage of this new offering through the end of the year.”

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