LocusUSA Joins Project 25 Technology Interest Group

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LocusUSA, a world leader in the area of radio frequency (RF) capture for radio location and alignment analysis, has joined the Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) as a commercial member. PTIG is a group of members that work together to support the use of Project 25 industry standards in digital two-way wireless communications hardware and software applications.

LocusUSA’s patented DiagnostX over-the-air radio analyzer addresses interoperability and spectral efficiency issues that fuel the Project 25 initiative. The DiagnostX system ensures alignment parameters of two-way radios are acceptable and meet Project 25 standards for public safety and commercial applications.

About PTIG

PTIG is a group of individuals and organizations who share the mutual interest of advancing the refinement, development, deployment, and applications of the digital communications technology represented by Project 25 industry standards. PTIG members include two-way radio communications experts, public safety professionals, and equipment manufacturers. Members recognize the need for and have a direct stake in, the continued development of the critical communications capabilities represented in the P25 standards.

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