LocusUSA Revamps Website to Focus on Emergency Management’s Critical Needs for Proactive Radio Maintenance

1024 456 Eileen Cole features a modified design and simplified content for public safety agencies looking to understand proactive radio maintenance.

WEST MELBOURNE, Fla – The site details the DiagnostX family of products and new service, along with videos, white papers, and a case study on preventative radio maintenance.

DiagnostX can detect a problem with the alignment and performance of a two-way radio, long-range, over-the-air in real-time before it becomes an emergency.

“By updating our website to be both user and mobile-friendly we feel will help our visitors to understand why critical communication is vital when it comes to proactive radio maintenance,” said Joseph Rey, managing partner of LocusUSA. “It makes radio maintenance simple.”

For more information on DiagnostX, contact LocusUSA at (321) 727-3077 or

About LocusUSA
LocusUSA is an engineering and software development company in West Melbourne on the Space Coast of Florida since 2001. It is a leader in the area of RF capture for radio analysis and location. The ability to capture and analyze the actual waveform of a radio transmission led to the development of DiagnostX, a patented system that can measure the alignment and operating characteristics of a radio, long-range over-the-air in real-time without user intervention.

LocusUSA supports government customers across the United States and Canada on the local, state and federal levels with this first-of-its-kind, proactive tool, ensuring the optimal performance of a radio system.

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