Police officers on the crime scene

Lost Radio is Located with SafePoint Technology

1024 683 Jim Zaleta

Dear Locus,

I have been using the Locus Location Systems SafePoint, for a couple of years now. During a late summer night of 2004, I had a narcotics officer call me and ask for my help. He lost his portable police radio and needed help locating it. The officer said that he thought he left it on the trunk of his car and drove off with them. He said he drove about five miles before he noticed it was missing.

A Police pac-set costs about $2500.00 and the last thing we wanted was it to fall into the wrong hands. A number of police officers were driving up and down the roadways looking for the missing police radio. The officer and I decided to try to locate the pac-set with the new location system we had by “SafePoint.” I got to my patrol car and brought up “SafePoint” on my laptop computer.

The Locus “SafePoint” system allows us to track and locate officers through their police radios. I sent out the signal to the narcotics officer’s radio and its location came up on the screen. The location was next to the local college campus. The officer drove over to the college and found his pac-set in a grassy field where they had a search warrant briefing earlier in the day.

As a police supervisor, the safety of your officers is first. The Locus Location Systems is a great tool in locating a police officer who may be in trouble and can’t communicate his location. This is a great modern day tool for the police supervisor.

Sergeant Mike Bandish
Patrol Division – Palm Bay Police Department
Palm Bay, Florida