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Helps Radio Network Managers Identify and Solve Communications Issues

  • Determines whether communications problems are on the subscriber radios or the network
  • Evaluates every radio on the system, 24/7/365, without user intervention
  • Identifies both problem radios, and properly functioning radios
  • Provides detailed reports for each radio in real-time
  • Enables management to proactively contact agencies or individuals to schedule service

Cuts Costs and Man-hours

  • Reduces the number of radios scheduled for service by as much as 80%
  • Can cut costs by 50% or more depending on the number of units (based on a 30% failure rate)
  • Frees technicians to focus on system issues that need attention
  • Keeps properly working radios and personnel out in the field where they are needed
  • Cuts down on the number of after-hours call outs

Supports Management Efforts to Evaluate and Improve Operations

  • Allows system managers to measure and evaluate the quality of communications across various departments, agencies or groups
  • Is non-intrusive to the network and operates over a long-range (5+ mile radius for 3W portables)
  • Generates reports that can be shared inter-departmentally
  • Data obtained can be used in planning and budgeting
  • “Real-time” reports ensure radios are operationally ready
  • Verifies FCC narrowband performance


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