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MX-3000 Master Unit

Extend the DiagnostX Coverage of Your Radio System

The MX-3000 device utilizes robust, redundant hardware with higher performance processors to accommodate the requirements of larger, geographically dispersed systems. The DX-2002 analyzer accepts up to three (3) NX-200 remote receivers connecting simultaneously (depending on available WAN bandwidth). Larger systems will require the more powerful MX-3000 unit. The MX-3000 does not function as receiver; it receives data from the remote NX-200 units and combines the results into a single view in the DiagnostX Viewer (DV) console.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 5.39.38 PMThe MX-3000 DiagnostX network using the NX-200 series of remote receivers is ideal for larger county-wide systems as well as state and regional systems. In the past, many agencies have moved their DiagnostX unit periodically from site to site to cover their entire system. Others have combined multiple DiagnostX units in a networked configuration to ensure continuous system-wide coverage in a unified database. It is now possible to use the MX-3000 with the smaller, more economical NX-200 remote receivers to achieve the same result.

All the data is forwarded across an IP network back to the MX-3000 unit and presented in a single consolidated view. The data transfer rate is only 13KB per transmission sent.


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