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Certified Pre-owned DIAGNOSTX Models

LocusUSA has several pre-owned DX-1000 DiagnostX Over-the-Air Radio Analyzers available for purchase. These units, priced starting at $29,900 for a single protocol, single frequency band unit, have been factory certified and come with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

You can purchase with confidence that you will have the same level of support as the new DX-2002 Series while saving significantly off the price of the new system. Multiple DX-1000c units may be networked together for expanded system-wide coverage.

For a quote on specific DX-1000 series models, contact sales@locususa.com or call (321) 727-3077.


  • Monitors the Inbound Control Channel (Uplink), capturing and measuring P25 Conventional and Trunked, SmartNet/SmartZone, EDACS, DMR Portable, and Mobile radios.
  • Metrics P25 Systems: Frequency Error, Symbol Frequency Error 600, Symbol Frequency Error 1800, Modulation Fidelity, Maximum Frequency Deviation and BER.
  • Metrics Legacy Systems: Frequency Error, Frequency Deviation, Frequency Error Variation and Modulation Fidelity.
  • Installs at existing RF sites or Mobile Command Center: Connects to the Rx Antenna multi-coupler or its antenna.
  • Multiple DX-1000 series units can be networked to provide expanded coverage with real-time field performance of the radios stored in a single database.  IP connectivity required.
  • Aids in the discovery of intermittent radio performance evaluates the radio’s access to the system and resolves radio versus network issues.
  • Stand-alone, non-intrusive and has no impact on the radio network.
  • Portability allows it to be moved to multiple sites if required for additional area coverage.
  • DiagnostX Viewer (DV), can be installed on any computer on the network and continuously produces reports based on user-defined thresholds on all types of radio status while they are operating in the field:
    – Failed Evaluation
    – Passed Evaluation
    – Not Enough Transmissions to Evaluate
    – Not Suitable for Evaluation
    – Never Received


  • Power Requirement: Single universal AC power supply rated: 100V – 240V, 50 Hz – 60 Hz 1.0 AMP Nominal
  • Rear Panel Antenna Connection: SMA-Type connector
  • Operating Temperature: 0 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius ambient
  • Communications Link: RJ45 Standard
  • Dimensions: Height ~7”, Width ~17”, Depth ~19”
  • Weight: Approximately ~44 pounds
  • Construction: Sheet Metal covered by flat panel black matte finish
  • Rack Mounting: Standard 19” Rack


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