Certified Refurbished DIAGNOSTX Models

LocusUSA has several refurbished DX-1000 DiagnostX Over-the-Air Radio Analyzers available for purchase. These units, priced at $25,000 for a single protocol, single frequency band unit, have been factory certified and come with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

You can purchase with confidence that you will have the same level of support as the new DX-2002 Series while saving significantly off the price of the new system. Multiple DX-1000c units may be networked together for expanded system-wide coverage.

For a quote on specific DX-1000 series models, contact sales@locususa.com or call (321) 727-3077.


  • Monitors the Inbound Control Channel (Uplink), capturing and measuring P25 Conventional and Trunked, SmartNet/SmartZone, EDACS, DMR Portable, and Mobile radios.
  • Metrics P25 Systems: Frequency Error, Symbol Frequency Error 600, Symbol Frequency Error 1800, Modulation Fidelity, Maximum Frequency Deviation and BER.
  • Metrics Legacy Systems: Frequency Error, Frequency Deviation, Frequency Error Variation and Modulation Fidelity.
  • Installs at existing RF sites or Mobile Command Center: Connects to the RX Antenna multi-coupler or to its own antenna.
  • Multiple DX-1000 series units can be networked to provide expanded coverage with real-time field performance of the radios stored in a single database.  IP connectivity required.
  • Aids in the discovery of intermittent radio performance evaluates the radio’s access to the system and resolves radio versus network issues.
  • Stand-alone, non-intrusive and has no impact on the radio network.
  • Portability allows it to be moved to multiple sites if required for additional area coverage.
  • DiagnostX Viewer (DV), can be installed on any computer on the network and continuously produces reports based on user defined thresholds on all types of radio status while they are operating in the field:
    – Failed Evaluation
    – Passed Evaluation
    – Not Enough Transmissions to Evaluate
    – Transmissions Too Weak to Evaluate
    – Never Received


  • Power Requirement: Single universal AC power supply rated: 100V – 240V, 50 Hz – 60 Hz 1.0 AMP Nominal
  • Rear Panel Antenna Connection: SMA-Type connector
  • Operating Temperature: 0 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius ambient
  • Communications Link: RJ45 Standard
  • Dimensions: Height ~7”, Width ~17”, Depth ~19”
  • Weight: Approximately ~44 pounds
  • Construction: Sheet Metal covered by flat panel black matte finish
  • Rack Mounting: Standard 19” Rack


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