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A Way to Improve Mission-Critical Communications

1000 662 Eileen Cole

Haven’t had time to bring your radios in for service? It can be a challenge for public safety and government agencies to maintain their two-way radios on an annual basis,…

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The Power of Proactive Radio Maintenance

1024 680 Eileen Cole

GO BEYOND A ‘FIX IT WHEN IT FAILS’ APPROACH BY IDENTIFYING PROBLEM RADIOS BEFORE THEY FAIL First responders put their lives on the line each day to protect the public…

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LocusUSA Expands National Footprint of DiagnostX to Government Agencies in the Western United States

1024 659 Eileen Cole

DiagnostX: An innovative approach to proactive radio maintenance without having to touch every radio. WEST MELBOURNE, Fla. – LocusUSA, a leader in the area of RF capture for radio alignment…

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Are First Responders' Radios at Risk of Failing While in Use

Are First Responders’ Radios at Risk of Failing While in Use

1024 683 chase

WEST MELBOURNE, Fla. – Each and every day, first responders put their lives on the line to protect the public, no matter if it is a routine traffic stop or…

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You Could Be a Hero with DiagnostX Technology

960 545 Judy Gasperini

What if you could tell that a two-way radio is about to fail before it actually does? Imagine being able to evaluate the frequency alignment of a radio over the…

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Utilities Exemplify Proactive Maintenance

960 540 Judy Gasperini

Invasive vines and tree branches on power lines frequently cause unexpected electricity outages to residential and commercial communities. To prevent these power interruptions, many electric utility companies perform regular tree…

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Locus Introduces the New DiagnostX NX-200 Series

1024 683 Judy Gasperini

LocusUSA, a world leader in the area of radio frequency capture for radio location and alignment analysis, is now shipping the new DiagnostX NX-200 Series of Remote Receiver. It has…

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5 Interesting Facts About LocusUSA

1024 456 Judy Gasperini

Let’s begin with: LocusUSA is an engineering and software development company that was founded in 2001. Its focus has been researched and development in the area of RF capture for…

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10-4 Loud and Clear on Your Two-Way Radio Check

750 501 Judy Gasperini

If you watched police drama TV shows like “Law & Order”, “NYPD Blue” or “Blue Bloods”, you probably have learned the most common 10 code meanings or radio lingo. Therefore…

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Is Your Entire Two-Way Radio Network Ready 24/7/365?

1024 682 Judy Gasperini

Imagine thousands of people flock to your city for the big game. A suspect patient escapes from his hospital room during treatment. An active shooter opens gunfire in a shopping…

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