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AFC: A Hidden Problem in Urgent Communication

1024 683 Eileen Cole

HOW AUTOMATIC FREQUENCY CONTROL CAN CREATE A ‘FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY’ FOR TWO-WAY RADIO USERS  This white paper will provide a comprehensive overview of how a poorly maintained radio can…

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two-way radio maintenance

Why Are You Still Checking Radios the Old School Way?

1024 683 Judy Gasperini

It’s your responsibility to maintain and repair two-way radios, antennas, communications equipment, mobile data computers, generators and tower site buildings, among other duties.  But you’re also expected to have an…

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US Army in Kuwait benefits from DiagnostX

1024 527 Jim Zaleta

Adam Grunden is a senior communications engineer for Vectrus, Intl., a US military contractor managing a fleet of over 2000 radios for the US Army in Kuwait. Like most LMR…

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DiagnostX – Over The Air Diagnostic Tool is Now Available

1024 683 Jim Zaleta

The first ever OVER-THE-AIR radio waveform analyzer lets you identify sick radios and keep the healthy radios in the field – which saves radio management departments time and money. System…

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