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US Army in Kuwait benefits from DiagnostX

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Adam Grunden is a senior communications engineer for Vectrus, Intl., a US military contractor managing a fleet of over 2000 radios for the US Army in Kuwait. Like most LMR system managers, Adam has limited staff and budget. With an aging fleet of subscribers to maintain, a large number of annual alignments he was doing was taking a huge amount of time and money. Adam said, “It seemed like there had to be a better way to manage my fleet’s alignments and services.” He began an online search for options.

The solution Adam found was DiagnostX, the patented long range, over-the-air radio waveform analyzer from LocusUSA. DiagnostX captures the inbound control channel transmissions of the subscriber radios while they are in use in the field. It then analyzes the waveform of the transmission to determine the alignment characteristics of the radio. Based on user-adjustable thresholds, the system identifies both passed and failed radios, enabling management to schedule failed radios for service while good radios remain in the field.

Adam continued: “DiagnostX allows me to focus on the radios in my fleet that need services. This was a double win for both me and my subscribers because I don’t have to take good radios from emergency services and key personnel. This saves my service techs and the subscribers time and money.” Regarding the accuracy of the results, Adam went on to say “…we use an Aeroflex 3920b for testing and tuning and we have not once had a radio that the SX2500e DiagnostX identified for service that passed tuning on the Aeroflex. Your product is saving us time and money and your customer support has been top notch.”

Thank you, Adam, for the feedback on your experience and allowing us to share it.